Coding For Life

What else is life then data processing ?

Something in , something out the whole day … the whole night …

Actually I started coding as a youngster , barely knew English and my uncles
brought me books about computers , coding and so on … as if it would be the
next big future …

I’d hope I could tell a happy story by now , but as for now it is like nuclear fusion — always 20 years ahead …

So in the last twenty years a lot of things happened … PoincarĂ©, all elements of the periode system are discovered (it’s ending with Og by now) , every possible position of the number pi is calculabe without careing about all others … but we
still have some things like C and Java form the last millenia.

So after trying various things to get out of misery, I finally ended up coding again with all support the 21st century is able to offer. “stack exchange?!” ,
and “overflow?” … you know the sites by now … and many other things like zillions of guides , github and the penguine is growing a beard by now —
I mean linux is something over 30 by now.

In case you want to get money send to you by someone just generate a cryptocurrency address like a bitcoin address and since 2008 that gets you money and donations.

Well, it’s time to get started …


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