Beep Beep For The Blind

Actually , developing means providing service. By the way this article is about getting your first project with people , where are you really welcome. Having done the most things alone in school and over the years … it’s not what you want to do all the time.

So, on on a Sunday I was welcomed to a place , which later was sponsored by a company and the employee – working there usually – wanted to get a small project started. She even thought of that we start coding in our first meeting, but human interaction can be used for something better.  Ideas need time to come up  …

So I suggested we do the proposals and coding at home when ever the inspiration comes and ended up to put the “so called” nothing on github for every one of us to fork.

Citing Achim – a german guy I met at the local free code camp – “developing you can do everywhere”. This in mind -> don’t forget to contribute.

So it was decided that we will create a web app who helps to report broken warning signal boxes for traffic lights. Light signals are of little use for them , so in my town they have those orange boxes you add a warning signal – a kind of knocking – so the blind know when it’s safe to cross the road.

How will they report when getting hit by the car due to a broken signal ?




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