Engineers Without Borders

The world is a village ….

In the history of men it was common to solve problems and get through challenges together in small teams. Old and young , the structure of a family and through generations this is proven to be most efficient.

The young mind likes to play while the old mind looks for solutions in experience and memory.

As you can see on the picture it’s a place called the MetaLab in the heart of Vienna, where since more than a decade young and old come together to solve problems and prepare for the challenges to come.

Although we would have done the challenge without a raspberry pi 2 , it was much easier to use one and Roland was quite astonished how easy you can solve problem with the raspberry and that without problems tools can be installed without any difficulty from the internet. I just used my smartphone and and USB cable to connect the raspberry 2 to the local funkfeuer – WiFi. With a raspberry 3 the smartphone would not have been necessary.

Artjom, our team leader, that evening still surprised us with a blue box and then again as he told us we met the goal of our sponsors that evening with most of us were even new to the raspberry.  Later , I told Artjom that we probably could expand the project for the raspberry pi can provide much more than what was required in the project.







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