Your Web Server On Your Phone

Using the raspberry which more or less is just like a cellphone – well , it’s even less but with parts a cellphone hasn’t. Anyway , it’s easy to turn a raspberry into a web server and it has little power requirements … around 10 watts as far as I know.

However your cellphone is powered all the time or at least mine or the ones of most people so why not turn your android smartphone into a web server to host your blog or your homepage or just your family photos to be avaiable everywhere.

Well, some guy wrote an app called Paw Server and the only thing you have to do is copying the files to the /sdcard0/paw/html directory on your smartphone and then start the app. In case you want a domain , you can get one for free at and that’s what I did and yeah, it worked but not how I expected.

It only worked with a port and directly pointing to the index.html. Usually the index.html is loaded by default but in my case that didn’t happen. However I did not give up and tried again , registered another domain with and this time I chose another host type who enables web redirecting. So something just like worked in its limited way.

I just wanted to test server access with javascript and testing on other people’s servers isn’t that good – they might even think you’re a script kid or a hacker.

So my browser asked for security and I accepted an exception and it showed the page at least at my raspberry. However I wrote my family on whatsapp to test the page and they wrote back they could not see it.

By the way, I am still searching for a small and easy power independend server solution for hosting or mirroring my blog. Actually it is planned you get paid for it by the ethereum protocol , but more about that maybe later ….








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