T(h)or in Onion Land

And it all began with the very fact that my stupid router could not forward me a port and so I had troubles using a dynamic DNS service. A smartphone , a solar cell and some technical ither tither with a lousy internet connection and voilà! that’s crappy web hosting.

So no worries anymore when you use tor, because you can all forget about that.  All you have to do is just to install Orbot and paw Server on your smartphone and somehow manage to root it and that’s it.

On a raspberry you just do ” sudo apt-get install tor” and modify .torrc and then install a small web server like thttpd – which has security problems – and then start the whole thing with ” sudo service tor start ” or just reboot. Then again go to noip.com from last time , select web redirect for your host and add .cab or .to or .tor2web to your onion domain and your random onion domain gets transformed in a human readable domain.

Somewhere in between I visited torbox3uiot6wchz.onion and signed up for an e-mail address to nowhere , because it stays within tor and never goes out. I saw an advertising on Torch – the tor search engine – and wanted to use a hosting system, which said it’s seven days for free. The crashing plane in the picture made me a bit suspiscious but anyway.

The odd thing I could not use the official tor browser on raspberry so I tried it with lynx ( torsocks lynx -noreferer ) , but without picture you do not pass the bot check.

The amazing thing , everything in the onion land ( the onion domains) looks like a 90’s student project. Unproffesional modest html pages without any javascript and css more than dominate.  I looked for games or any fun stuff and finally the crashing air plane hosting – ka boom !  or kowloon … anyway seemed like the only thing which really made sense, although their prices are as fitting as head bang against the entrance door.

So if your data does not matter, and your hardware is mere crap , just feel free  … the onion web.







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