And finally got certified …

Spending days after day at freecodecamp and my raspberry not boiling over. I submitted my version of the color game and then spontaneously and not expected I got my certificate.

Only to be viewed on the web , but hey “we are in the 21st century”.

Days later now, it just feels more like you probably could get in rather than “hey, well , you did it”.

JavaScript nowadays feels more like a chamaeleon or a rather mystery like shape shifter than a universal Swiss Army Knife for every web related purpose. Because after jQuery and getting really friends with CSS and even APIs , JSON and so on , the Camp presented me react.js with just looked like a quite new language at the first glance.

Even stone breaks easily and in shape as our ancestors experienced and maybe what they want me to learn is “the flint knapping of informatics“.

Just learn how to crack the new stuff easily and how to get along with it without being constantly on stackexchange …

After the finnish sauna snow, ice and almost frozen water are not that wild for quite a while. Get glucose for the brain and some electrolytes and it’s amazing what can be done while with caffeine alone a spider makes the most terrible web.






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