MEAN but not PHP

So as you get along with working and your brain still sleeps while your body
is quite awake , you come up with something what’s called “Umnachtung” in
the heart of Europe or what would be called break-through with an inner smile.

Back in the 90s one guy came up with some messy C code for creating personal
homepages … that’s why PHP , which never was meant to be a language.

Yet right now it is one and they have regular well sponsored meetups all over
the world and PHP developpers are really wanted. However on the other side
there are quite a lot of developpers who say ‘I never want to have something
to do with it’ and yet another one called it >>a fractal of bad design<< .

There was the classical 90’s LAMP model which meant Linux (the free OS) ((not
the peanuts guy with the blanket)) , the Apachee server , MySQL (which was
not so propriety back still then) and of course PHP …

…a lot of weaseled words and surprises not included …

So back to the bleep bleep for the blind project. The boys and girls in the team
were not so fond of PHP either and so the MEAN model sort of popped up , but never
was called that way. Just Flo said , why not use “Node JS” and then Srdjan “Mongo
DB” comes handy , and the database is in JSON anyway and all of us had somehow
a JavaScript background.

Sometimes the world is without any surprises at all.

Just to sum it up , the guys are friendly , you get free drinks , probably free
snacks too and a job offer for sure when you go to a PHP meet up.


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