The Hen At The Right Place Or The JavaScript Invasion

It is said a hen is always looking at the place of another hen and thinks that place is better. And what does has this all to do with JavaScript, the Internet and so on …

Well, the answer is not 72 nor  ” …and thanks for all the fish ” as in the Hitchhiker’s Guide Through The Galaxy. It is just that the same guy who visited the PHP meeting and wrote about it , now really has been at a great JavaScript meeting.

Great sponsors , great location and free pizza and a free drink and that maybe all just to impress two possible future employs for a young company. I mean no miracle to feel at the right place.

I also like to put it in these words ” mature fruits fall from a tree ” and you really feel when a business is starving – people just start to get mean and unfriendly …

The reason behind is JavaScript is going where no other ”language” has gone before , to the backend, to desktop and mobile applications, to bot’s programming , maybe to the next reactor code …

Means more people are hired with JavaScript skills and maybe soon some months or half a year experience is doing it to get hired.

One of JavaScript’s strength is its asynchronous nature and event handling etc. Once a requirement for browser applications – because you don’t want one task to block your whole computer , you don’t even meant to run anyway ( maybe it was just in a pop up add … ) – it is also useful for other purposes.

Finally at the meeting Michael Bromley reminded us in his lecture about the beginning of machine aided art and the spirograph and how it inspired him to do really awesome art with javascript. Take a look at his site or github . It is really worth looking.


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