Solidity or Vitalik Strikes Back

I saw him nearly to months ago … Something I did not mention in this blog and later a girl from Russia told me he looks some how like a shrew , which does not mean there was not any sympathy.

So actually what am I gonna write know. For months I was talking to almost everyone about apps for the ethereum network and not even experienced developers seemed to know anything about it.

The bad thing bitcoin can’t really expand the way it is and for the coming IoT or Internet of Things , the current bitcoin design is even worse than 32 bit IP addresses. Half an hour paytime and fees around 50 cent or more in the future aren’t what you want for your bubble gum machine.

In today’s workshop I got confronted with ethereums language Solidity and lot of other things I did not know about the coming ether network. First it is unsure whether it will be proof of stack , proof of authentification or remain after all proof of worked based like bitcoin and its clones .

The good thing are those apps to program smart contracts , which can deal with almost anything from crowdfunding, complex and secure escrow systems and of course selling you bubble gum.

I confused solidity with solitude imagining Vitalik as a sole programmer like a shrew in its hole. The strange aspects of the language did their part to make this thought even stronger, although at first glance it looked damn close to javaScript anyway.

Actually those apps need gas to run like a car, although the gas price is some kind of arbitrary and no one knows what the future will bring. Running out of gas means the application won’t run anymore or in other words no bubble gum.

For the newbie programming those contracts is like walking through the dark with good chances to fall into a trap and we all were warned that even experienced contract programmers make mistakes. There can be mistake like all money gone forever with no chance to be retrieved anymore or just some mild catastrophes like no gas anymore.

Even if ethereum will not make it something close to it surely will because nowadays money was not meant for the internet and computers and simple voucher codes are not a real payment system.

Unfortunately I did not find a programming partner and hardly anyone but a handful wanted to remain at the workshop place. Next time I’ll go there with a partner though we were meant to work in teams … so much to solitude.


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