Where are my lemons ? где мой лемончикый ?

Close to the emperor’s palace , in the street of the lords , people met to discuss the future of blockchain applications. No need to mention that the
American guy among them was the easiest to follow and really knew how important it is that non-insiders understand you.

He told how he tried to raise money for blockchain applications, in NYC , silicon valley and elsewhere. He mentioned peer to peer networks , napster and spotify and so on and that the real benefits show up years after.

And then there was the CEO of decent.ch who told his story, how quickly bitcoin occupied most of his time and how almost everything like energy, content/books,
music and so on will be distributed using blockchain technology.

The Russian guy Kostya seemed to me to be too much absorbed in his thing. He said his company is now operating most of time in Prague and Piter/Petersburg
and the very fact that cryptocurrencies are illegal in Russia does not seem to matter.

‘ Do what you want ! We arrest you when we want. ‘ seems to be how it works in Russia.

Then at the pub , which in fact was changed to an old Viennesse cafe, drinks were all sponsored and I sat close to two Austrian startup founders , who were
hard to follow for me in their talks. Among the talks were security issues, bitcoin ATMs and what’s coming next.

Finally we ended talking about Pyoenyang and bitcoin lightning. That Satoshi never wanted its bitcoin to be used for credits and the founder of minebox.io described quite clearly how this will eventually crash bitcoin.

He also mentioned that actually right now you can only read about it in obscure blogs and yes, I wanted to be one of those obscure blogs.

The two guys from the RIAT came sitting close to us when he was telling that and actually one guy Markus even visited Pyoenyang to study the citiy’s concrete construction. Not to mention that his current outfit were quite fitting the cliché of a communist student. He mentioned that they quite appreciate his blog because they really have those issues with getting foreign money for imports.

Unless you don’t know it , listen to the song mentioned in the headline. It is a wordplay and actually means “Where are my millions ?”.


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