Hype or Hyperledger ?

Today there has been a spontaneous meeting initiated by someone who looked quite green and alternative at the future of blockchain meeting. Hyperledger formerly known as open block chain is now an around a year old project supported by quite a lot international companies.

So what are the drawbacks or why did I wrote “hype” in the headline. Well, actually a blockchain was made for the cryptocurrency bitcoin, where currency is still misleading for many good reasons.

So in hyperledger they abandoned any cryptocurrency aspect already, which I think does not make anything easier. I even said it to one guy at the meeting : “Imagine we had no currency at all, would this make business deals any easier?” .

He made clear at the presentation that companies do not want anyone in. How about sharing coins among participants and close mining ? (quite easy approach) No they abandoned coins and a set a limit to nodes for each company as I read at bitcoin talk.

He also mentioned , they never intended to copy , they just focussed on the benefits. The benefits are blockchains are decentralised , automatic genearated consense and everyone has the same copy (there is only one right blockchain). It is not like in a book where you can tear out one page and insert several new .

Ah yeah ! Maybe the tax authority would be highly interested in , because in that blockchain are
all the valuable contracts, business deals and so on. No need to show them the business bills and accounting books anymore if the blockchain is the real thing anyone trusts and relies upon.

No one even dared to ask that question. As far as I know the tax authority seems to completely ignore the bitcoin blockchain. I wonder when they will change from “no care” to “our share”.

And for myself I came there because maybe it would give me a developper job and at the presentation Ralph was cited with “we have a developper crisis” but I do not see much potential for developpers because the companies want it fully usable for themselves not caring about any one else and open source because they want to pay as little as possible for a system that probably could save them billions.

You and I will use blockchain based services in the near future for sure. Content, Streaming or storage and hosting related things, maybe even more I currently not thinking about. Have a look at decent.ch or minebox.io just to get a glimpse of an understanding what will come in the near future.


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