How to go through the wall ?

Of course I could write about yesterday’s react.js meeting and how much of a fan we to Douglas Adam’s hitchhiker’s guide through the galaxy , VR googles and so on.

And despite how much Nik impressed his girlfriend with some lines of react VR and cardboard googles , I rather write about what it means when you have to go through the wall.

There’s the wall, there’s you and no way to go through. And the more you run against it , the more it’s going to hurt.

You take a look , you take another look , then you look away and merely concentrate on what’s popping up in your mind. A rabbit and a fox would try to dig a tunnel through it , maybe a kangaroo or a cat would jump over it ….

That’s all cheating , because we gotta get through it … don’t we?

After a short while my mind came up with that already a lot is getting through the wall. Wifi, particles , shock waves when you are knocking on it and last but not least there’s this funny tunnel effect every physicist is telling you.

And there is already the most favoured developper’s solution : ” you are already standing at the otherside of the wall” , “why not just turn everything else and let you stay where you are” ….

I am sure most of you readers remember the old joke about Bill which ends with “He just declares darkness as the new standard”.

It also remembers me on Ognian Tschakalov’s presentation at the meeting , where he came up with the statement ” in 2017 there are still people believing Microsoft Office and a PC are enough to be efficient” or so …

Have a nice time finding your laboratory equipment or your Easter eggs with it!


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