Making a Life Out Of Indie Games

Well, Vienna’s MQ has a room dedicated to the old game consoles , pixel graphic and digital culture called SUB-O-TRON. It is that there a not so unknown game publisher called Van Dyke showed his childhood photos , talked about his fascination about games and his career related to games.

He talked about triple A and how it fails in so many cases to gain enough money and then he talked what he thought are the greatest obstacles in game development and publishing.

His age alone even impressed many of the audience , because he’s already 42 but his mind or spirit stayed young and he could easily recall what fascinated him
as a child , while I and maybe others have still forgotten it , maybe thinking it is necessary for them to get used to boring things.

He emphasized the importance of strong dedication and believe in one’s work and
and last but not least the budgetas the key to success. I wanted to ask about the importance of having a great idea and a good concept , but I somehow missed my chance.

My cousin’s husband even won a price for his indie game and that is quite inspiring for everyone and it is even more astonishing that he did it all on his own.

The people were friendly but I somehow failed to get in contact with anyone and quite a lot left after the presentation which is a sad thing because it is important to get in contact with people , be inspired and get your own project

Somehow I think people would rather look at a cool looking game than at some extremly practical database web application or other complicated IT stuff, because somehow we are kids inside and want to have joy and fun.


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