Drinking For Reason Or Development The Relaxed Way

I could have called this article just ”Waiting for Cheng Lou” but I decided to call it that way. I spontaneously decided to join that meetup close to Vienna’s biggest shopping street , because I knew some of the guys from earlier meetings and they were qutie impressive and held some great talks.

The chance to get in contact with a team of potential winners was just too seductive, so I canceled another meeting and joined. Okay, telling they were just working on a Tic Tac Toe game could probably spoil everything, but no – they worked on it in Reason.js . Something new obviously and something a Chinese ”coding star” called Cheng Lou was providing samples for on github.

It was quite relaxed and I introduced myself by mentioning where we met earlier and one of the guys I knew told me that they did mob coding last time and that they are going to do it this time again.

Some of the comments were that this already looks like ”ES21” – meaning that this is as related to common vanilla javascript as Sanskrit or Ancient Greek is to modern English. It looked also very different from the react.js sample of Tic Tac Toe and I had a hard time finding any similarity.

So what about Cheng Lou again. They somehow got stuck or work just slowed down to much and they thought ” why not asking Cheng Lou ? It is time for him to wake up. ” So they had their own kind of chat client they used … something like called Discord and the good thing there was always some one around you could ask about reason.js . Maybe easier than buying cigarettes. Well, and that’s what they did.

Wasn’t much of a help either , but somehow they managed to finish with something which met their day.


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