We Are The Bloody Meat Market

Hello again ! It’s me and today I’m going to write about Joel Spolsky and the less famous WeAreDevelopers conference.

I know I am a bit late and I even planned to write about the Linux Week but I voluteered there and so hopefully I invested my time into something useful. At least I tried VR googles the first time in my life and Red Bull was quite tight with its energy drinks. Well, at least another company was giving away organic energy drinks quite easier. I think they called them Kahanee or so.

The conference closed with Joel Spolsky and due to the group photo I missed half of it. Anyway, this guy was great – a born entertainer and comedian. First making fun of the conference name, presenting Facebook and Amazon in his own special way and then making car jokes about CSS.

“If CSS would be a car, you would go the left, to the right and then going straight ahead, you would disappear, because center does not work.”

Another funny thing was how he compared what you can now do with 12 lines of code and what you could do 30 years ago or so. Now you can order a book and call a taxi with just 12 lines and thirty years ago you just could multiply two unsigned 8 bit numbers. 🙂 you could protest or just enjoy the fun part.

Actually he uses to compare software with soup – usually vegetable soup – but I prefer noodle soup, – Chinese Noodle Soup.

I actually volunteered , had pretty girls commanding me around , asked the companies whom they want to hire and even annoyed some CEOs.

By the way this all happened at a former meat market and butcher hall close to a former cattle market.


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