Getting Hunted With The Yoyo

Last week on Friday a “fellow camper” suggested to present my voting at a co-working place were the FCC meet up was held. However there were a lot of newbies who even never had touched HTML and I was presenting a full stack web app to them.

I got in touch however with an experiencend front end developper and teacher and he invited me to his webclerks meeting. The meeting was well sponsored , however by a recruitment company, which gave a way free yoyo’s.

The presentations were quite interesting and among them was a so called “penetration tester” who explained as who easy it is to get personal data and passwords with SQL- and other kind of injections. It looked like he is reading through “secret” databases like through open books or traffic signs.

The yoyo still caught my attention and by playing around with it I got a chance to talk to other people. Among them many freelancers and to my surprise there were also some company CEOs who were not that happy with the fees they had to pay to recruitment companies.

I somehow ended up talking to much to the girls from the recruitment company and my conclusion was that they have no technical knowledge of the stuff and really can’t see your potential. So probably when you are experienced you probably just get a boring underpaid job by them and when you are a beginner they just discourage you.

So I really recommend to talk to company owners , freelancers and developers on your own in order to unleash your full potential and stay motivated and encouraged.


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