Snow White Let It Rock with Jason Feed

Yesterday has been a well sponsered Vienna JS Meeting and I am going to describe why it was one of the better ones.

First it is a good idea to take a stencil of Snow White and stick it on that way that it looks as if she’s eating the apple of your McBook Pro. A person probably that creative may probably provide a good talk too and so it happened.

The REST API is well known and over time from practice come the troubles as hunger is coming from eating or probably not – at least from time to time you are forced to update your project and usually it is up to you to manage that.

However there is a new query language called GraphQL which helps you with that and it should help you with managing your different versions which accumulate with time – probably depending on how nagging the client is.

The guy said usually you should know or learn it in the months for being in business.

The other new thing is a project which was going on for around fifteen years and as the presenter said – who by the way writes for the CIA – it will change our life in the way we get out daily newsfeed. No more facebook or twitter but really everyones personal micro facebook or news feed with all the information provided in JSON or better in a JSON format called Jason feed .

Pretty easy and not that overloaden as you might think of a fifteen year old project but really short , easy and simply as if it would be an adhoc creation.

You can even try it out. Just look for it on github or google “jason feed I know that guy”. (when you see Jason Fried mentioned it probably is the right project)


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