Androids For The Record Birds

This week was a different week from all other weeks and so was my meetup. There is a young startup called Record Birds who provides a quite cool service. However it is just available on iPhone.

The reason why I went to this meeting was that I really wanted to meet some Android developers. I talked with some but developping in everything else than Android suited Java seems to be not so popular , although Kotlin is around and although crossplatform with ReactNative or some other kind of javascript based like Ionic is possible.

I liked that the company or better the young start up is just doing or providing their great service for free and the aim seems probably just to get big enough to be attractive to be bought and that is not so different from that what I do, because I am doing all these things to get name , fame and probably just get hired.

The talks were good and among the few things I remember was they showed a google TPU for machine learning , which is said to be the next big thing and then I enjoyed the pizza.

Actually, just my short impression is that developping for Android might not be that difficult or more difficult than web development and I saying this just from talking and looking at the people who have done so for a long time. One guy even said , “just install Android Studio and let you generate some sample application … it’s a good way to get started” . This said, what can be more encouraging.


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