Done With Coding Schools like Free Code Camp

And yet another challenge accomplished. Today I deployed the last full stack app which was a pinterest clone where you could login with twitter , post some links and share the pictures with your friends and any other people.

I have now three certificates from this coding site but it seems they want me to pay monthly to help me getting a job or recommend me to NGOs.

I long time thought after the Developer Conference (see “Are we the bloody meat market”) that making mobile apps is the thing which gets you easy hired and until now there are no mobile apps of mine.

Guess, there will be soon , because I somehow have to spent my day and unless you are not coding you are no developer any more.

Maybe I have to dress again like a salesman, trying to improve my web presentation too and going through those hundred of job interviews every one is telling you that is the minimum amount required even if you are a top coder and of quite young age.

A Brazilian freelancer I met told me that you have to train job interviews, learn the right answers to coding questions etc. In other words there is still a lot to do and maybe I am now at the point where things start to become interesting.

Some guys mentioned even at a rate of two job interviews a week it will take almost a year statistically until you are hired. I hope it works quicker for me.


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