Penguine bites on Chrome

I bought my first 64 bit computer a year ago. A raspberry which is based on ARM and for practical reasons like to less memory just use a 32 bit OS. I used or misused it as a desktop PC , developed my projects and coding school exercises with it and with a little help from the web like a mongo server on the web I got even my full stack and backend things done.

However I still want to really join the Reason.js hackers group, want to have a notebook which does not run out of power after 1.5 hours and has a suitable HDMI interface for the beamer, so that I can easily show my presentations. I did not want to spend much money so I decided to

Okay, the first thing I did was installing crouton because my brother was handling most of his university stuff through it. However I then installed mongoDB and it did not run because it had not the rights to do so or something. Then I decided I wanted to just put on virtualbox and vagrant because virtualization makes things easier and I could make my system or environment portable and probably could just use an image with everything I need preinstalled.

Great! I thought but it turned out chromeOS has no support for virtualbox and you probably could get it running by following dnschneid/crouton/wiki guide on building kernel headers and installing virtualbox. However this requires recompiling the kernel to build the headers which takes quite long and no success is guaranteed like in my case.

By the way , if the touchpad should drive you crazy use an USB keyboard.

I went to the local hacker space and it did not want to work although the kernel image and kernel headers where build. It is also about resetting kernel flags and so on and unless you do not want to go into kernel hacking better leave it , otherwise this is a good occasion to start with.

So after all that frustration I decided I want pure Ubuntu with LXDE and found out that chrubuntu is outdated. However there was a fresh and uptodate github on chrx which allows you to install most common linux distros to be installed easily to your chromebook.

First checkout whether or not it is on the supported list and it is very likely that you have to rewrite or refresh the firmware. No matter , how scary it is , just do it or otherwise you never get something useful to run there.

I followed the short guide and in the end I rewrote the firmware and now I could boot with Ctrl-L to my Lubuntu. Great! The annoying touchpad did not work anymore and so did the keyboard. So I plugged in mouse and keyboard from my raspberry and then did a websearch. I looked for ”linux kernel upgrade howto” and there was a short guide with just some lines to enter which would update my kernel. I updated from kernel 4.4. to kernel and everything including touchpad and internal keyboard worked again on my Acer Chromebook 11 N7 C731.


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