Picking Up On Code Pen

Vienna had it’s first Code Pen meeting and I am glad to have participated with my own sample. I showed how to make dynamic webpages with ordinary vanilla JavaScript , while laymen might think react.js or Angular might be necessary.

The meeting however ever got confused with the regular webclerks meetup , but it should be noted that it has been a meeting of its own. Practically the structure of how meetups are done has been re-invented.

Normally you tell the organizer you want a talk and then the organizer says “okay” do it, but there at the Code Pen meeting it was like “hey, anyone wanna show something on CodePen” and spontaneously many people tried to show up something, they have done even years ago.

No folders , no slides , just CodePen and what you remember or think is special about your code. CodePen once again proofed that it is a real good media to present someone’s work. However you better have a copy of it on github or elsewhere too.

What was very popular were those SCSS , HTML only things were you need no or at least very little javaScript code to do an animation. Two guys even wanted to show the green socks library and how you can make amazing web pages with it.

In the end we were very happy to even got a pizza and drink sponsored and twenty percent discount on web hosting. Maybe I should think about my stuff getting professionally hosted.


One thought on “Picking Up On Code Pen

  1. There are other free options to hosting as you prolly know. Github Pages and Bitbucket has the same. I love the animations also that use only SCSS and html. Green Socks costs though so I have never used it.


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