A Scalable Kaleido For Background

And although it was not intended it turned out to be my week’s project. The basic idea behind is just simple. You take shreds of broken glass and have it reflected by three mirrors. What you get is an infinite repeating pattern and circle like objects form quite naturally. I marked the area where you… Continue reading A Scalable Kaleido For Background

Hashed Tessellation And The Harsh Winds On Twitter

And I like to begin with recalling our ancestors who sailed through harsh and rough seas or were riding through green brown steps until the found it quite comfy to settle down and work on their belly. All this starts with but one thing – unquestioned enthusiam and optimism and paired with roly poly like… Continue reading Hashed Tessellation And The Harsh Winds On Twitter

Crashing on the moon with Angular and Redux

And after the x-th Angular meetup I decided to take a look at Angular and program something in it. It is for Daniel that I started looking at redux.js too and at least I caught some attention at a job interview when mentioning Angularjs and ngRedux. I somehow found it irresistable to call it “crashing… Continue reading Crashing on the moon with Angular and Redux

Picking Up On Code Pen

Vienna had it’s first Code Pen meeting and I am glad to have participated with my own sample. I showed how to make dynamic webpages with ordinary vanilla JavaScript , while laymen might think react.js or Angular might be necessary. The meeting however ever got confused with the regular webclerks meetup , but it should… Continue reading Picking Up On Code Pen