Picking Up On Code Pen

Vienna had it’s first Code Pen meeting and I am glad to have participated with my own sample. I showed how to make dynamic webpages with ordinary vanilla JavaScript , while laymen might think react.js or Angular might be necessary. The meeting however ever got confused with the regular webclerks meetup , but it should… Continue reading Picking Up On Code Pen

Drinking For Reason Or Development The Relaxed Way

I could have called this article just ”Waiting for Cheng Lou” but I decided to call it that way. I spontaneously decided to join that meetup close to Vienna’s biggest shopping street , because I knew some of the guys from earlier meetings and they were qutie impressive and held some great talks. The chance… Continue reading Drinking For Reason Or Development The Relaxed Way

How to go through the wall ?

Of course I could write about yesterday’s react.js meeting and how much of a fan we to Douglas Adam’s hitchhiker’s guide through the galaxy , VR googles and so on. And despite how much Nik impressed his girlfriend with some lines of react VR and cardboard googles , I rather write about what it means… Continue reading How to go through the wall ?