Crashing on the moon with Angular and Redux

And after the x-th Angular meetup I decided to take a look at Angular and program something in it. It is for Daniel that I started looking at redux.js too and at least I caught some attention at a job interview when mentioning Angularjs and ngRedux. I somehow found it irresistable to call it “crashing… Continue reading Crashing on the moon with Angular and Redux

The Reduxed Rasgulla And What You Can Learn From It

Actually having realized that I have been more Marvin my whole than ever and as it is time for my weekly review. Somehow you really have to look strange at those Magic Eye pictures so that you can see the 3d objects behind. And despite everyone’s expectation I am going to link the Ras-gulla to… Continue reading The Reduxed Rasgulla And What You Can Learn From It

IQ is Schizophrenic

In case you are interested how I came to this rather shocking conclusion please continue reading. As I am kind of a lost history teacher or “gschichdaldrukga” this article will contain some historic background. Yesterday I attended a meeting held by László which discussed the paper Mastering The Game Of Go with Deep Neural Networks… Continue reading IQ is Schizophrenic

Full Is The Same As Empty

And after a while I decided I am going to make esoteric the bad way – the way you can’t make money … Imagine the battlefield , all start quiet and chilly with the first coffee in the morning , the team leader “discusses” the weapons of choice and after your first sip and bite… Continue reading Full Is The Same As Empty

And too much Lambda after all

Functional programming has been around since the mid of the last century and the basic concepts applied by mathematicians are much older. Like the first chick crawled out of a dino egg , computing and instructions predate Von Neumann computers by ages. Actually bees and ants telling other bees and ants what to do and… Continue reading And too much Lambda after all

Picking Up On Code Pen

Vienna had it’s first Code Pen meeting and I am glad to have participated with my own sample. I showed how to make dynamic webpages with ordinary vanilla JavaScript , while laymen might think react.js or Angular might be necessary. The meeting however ever got confused with the regular webclerks meetup , but it should… Continue reading Picking Up On Code Pen